Ferna Lary Mills

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Welcome. Relax. Let me write that for you.

Over 25+ years of writing experience ranging from technical operating manuals, promotional advertising, school and business documents, reports, professional correspondence, both fiction and non-fiction books, articles, and poetry, plus much more.

My published works include "The Rainbow, Words of Inspiration, Faith and Hope", "Parenting Survival Guide", "Genealogy vs Mythology", and numerous stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I have written 100's of poems and stories for Rainbow Faith, An Encouragement Ministry, including memorials and tributes. Other works include numerous operational manuals for Chevron USA, Inc., resume's, letters, research projects, business correspondence, poems, and essays.

With such a varied range of writing experience, I can help you with almost any writing project from school to business, technical, or other poetry, fiction, or non-fiction writing needs. 

Whether you need help with a simple resume, a formal letter of inquiry, or an extensive writing project,
I am your person.



Send me your writing requirements and contact information. Please provide as much detail as you can, including deadlines, word or page limits, subject matter, etc. I will provide you with a free cost estimate. If it meets your approval, I will provide you with regular updates from beginning to completion of your project.

Relax and enjoy the coffee, stress-free. 

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